Cephas again observed his body in the reflections of the broken glass in the control room. While lacking either male or female genitalia, the absence of breasts indicated a stronger likelihood of maleness. But there was no way to be sure. The people he watched and listened to were either male or female, masculine feminine, man woman, boy girl, guy gal, dude chick, gentleman lady, cowboy cowgirl, muchacho perra, gigolo slut. So far, Cephas had catalogued seven hundred sixty-two words used to designate male from female in a variety of contexts. When he watched their bodies move under grainy light of a million identical suns, he noted distinct behaviors and physical features that differentiated either group. To better understand those differences, he often studied the physiology of the dead bodies here in the station, since they facilitated more thorough examination. The distant sun cast pale gold over the cold control room equipment. Morning, they called it in the videos, the phone rec

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