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Brad’s Bar by
Roger Pattison

At a time of night when sensible paranormal paraphernalia should have been snoring in a hole somewhere, something woke Brad up from a deep and boozy sleep. Propping himself up in bed, he looked across at the wall opposite and caught his own reflection in the mirror, picked out by the shaft of a sodium street lamp through the ill-drawn curtain. The reflection was blurred. In Brad’s condition, it was going to be, but this was not a kind of blurring that was familiar to him; as if the mirror was vibrating. Brad sat bolt upright as the mirror fell

George’s Workshop
by Roger Pattison

Chapter 1 He’d stood in that doorway probably a hundred times before, and shouldn’t have been surprised. The real surprise was that he always was. Over on the peeling whitewash of the window-side wall, just above the old Boxford lathe, the well-oiled centrefold of the resident, very buxom and scantily clad lady, still hung by the same rusted nail in the lintel; thermal long-johns and a hot water bottle would have been more practical in the workshop. It had taken a minute for his eyes to grow accustomed to the half-light that struggled through chicken wire and grease; but she

The Dangerous Greenhouse
by Roger Pattison

Beneath the creeping ice of an uncomfortable planet in the constellation of Cassiopeia, the Caph had sifted for centuries through the endless dimensions. The seemingly hopeless quest was devoted to what had become their Holy Grail. With technology of reality-scrambling complexity they interrogated the infinite chaos and sought out warps in the fabric of Time, Space, and Otherthings, that might have given away its existence. Much closer to home, things were happening they would have found very interesting, even when shrouded under the tediousness of Derek (the humanoid to which these interesting things were happening). Derek was a boring fart