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Best Laid Plans
by Robert Allan Lupton

Jana called the council to order and announced. “The last man died yesterday. His sperm hasn’t been viable for three Earth years. Doctor Preston has new information.” Doctor Preston stood and straightened her hair. “I’ve isolated the radiation that kills the Y chromosome. That’s why we never have boy babies. The native animals reproduce by pathogenesis – no men required.” Kathy yelled from the audience, “Hell of a way to live.” Jana called for order. “We’ve been living like this for a long time. The last man’s dead and frozen sperm won’t make boys. Our colony is doomed unless we

Stays The Same
by Robert Allen Lupton

Daniel woke up with a note pinned to his pillow. His first thought was that his home had been invaded. Like most nights, he’d slept alone. He pulled on pajama bottoms and grabbed the baseball bat he kept by the bed. He searched his one bedroom efficiency apartment in seconds. The bathroom was empty, the two closets unoccupied, and the refrigerator held only leftover pizza and milk with a questionable date. The door was triple locked from the inside, deadbolt in place, chain engaged, and the hinge lock fastened. He put the bat back by his bed and unpinned the