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In the Cards
by Ginger Strivelli

Luna sat shuffling her tarot cards in the farthest and darkest corner of the bar. She watched the tourists coming in, with the traders and the shippers and the seekers. What were they seeking? Lots of things could be found that far out in space and lots of things couldn’t be. It tended to be the things that couldn’t be found that they were seeking. The bartender, Gil, held up a teapot across the room and nodded to her, She shook her head. He kept a pot of hibiscus tea brewing just for her, as everyone else was drinking much

Earthling’s Secrets
by Ginger Strivelli

Luna was not happy being assigned the late old lady’s quarters. Earthling, as everyone had called her, since she had actually been born back on Earth, had been living on the ship since before it even had magnetic gravity. Everyone thought she was crazy but she’d lived to be one hundred and seventy years old, so surely she’d had some dementia, even if she wasn’t literally insane. Earthling had been the ship’s navigation officer back in the day but then worked in the ship’s clinic as a nurse for a couple decades. However, she had been working in the kitchen